Hanging out in Bali island


I like it here. Surf, sandwiches, nasi goreng.

A fusion of nature and the modern world.

the Chill Frontier

I think I'm ready for a change up in life.

I want to grow and learn new things, and feel life rushing through my veins.

Life is too short to waste it doing something you don't like.

Time cannot be stopped. The only way forward is to rush head first

Reaching for Something New

As we plan for perfect lives, sometimes we have to deal with lofty expectations, and reassess our goals, & what we really want out of life to get where we want to be.

To push your boundaries and find excitement – that’s what living is all about.

Many people come to Bali, the beaches here are nice, there is surf. And the people & food are amazing too.

As I dip my toes into the young black sand I really dig it. Hang 10. Longboards 4 Life.

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