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how to kinda decentralize yourself

First: why would you want to do this?

Good question: Because you don't want corporations to control (all) your money and (all) your data (privacy).
Autonomy is important for human beings!

Steps to decentralize yourself:

  1. Buy some bitcoin (cash) preferably | BTC / LTC / ETH is ok too

  2. Host some of your content off the Big Social networks like FB/IG/TWTR etc. I recommend domains.google for hosting ($12 a year), Netlify to link, and Github to stage your repository, as well as a static website generator like eleventy (the one I'm using) or Hexo.



*I am not necessarily advocating going full decentralized and living off-grid, but some independence from the Monolithic-presence of big tech is imo preferable to none.

I concede though sometimes economies of scale are just really efficacious; e.g. Google can track your locations, has all the fonts etc, crowd-sourced reviews on Maps.*

i feel so decentralizeddd

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